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The Palace

a unique and historic place for your holiday in Rome

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Hotel Internazionale

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The Hotel Internazionale is truly a unique and special place to stay at as you are vacationing in Rome.

Nobel laureate Thomas Mann, English novelist George Eliot and filmmaker Orson Wells are some of the most famous guests who, over the years, have stayed at the Hotel Internazionale.

The history of the hotel goes back to the era of Ancient Rome: the hotel is located on the area of the Gardens of Lucullus, a vast area full of buildings, statues and gardens owned by Lucullus, Roman general consul of the first century B.C.



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A seventeenth century building

The building that now houses the hotel was built in the early seventeenth century: over the centuries, the building has been worked on numerous times and the original appearance has changed. Nevertheless, it still retains the charm of its long history and welcomes its guests to a setting with true archaeological finds:

  • The reception and lounge areas are part of an old building, an alleged three-nave chapel from the fourth-fifth century. A.D. There you can find Roman materials found on the site, like the beautiful Roman column from the Julio Claudian age (I century. A.D.) with its precious capital carved and embossed and an ancient Roman well.
  • In the basement of the building there are many tunnels.  A fragrant wisteria plant, over 650 years old, originates from one of these underground corridors.
  • Several rooms hold small treasures of the past, such as a stone oven from the eighteenth century, a portrait of the same age and frescoed ceilings.